Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Amazon Web Services compete over Google Compute Engine

An article about pain points of AWS(Amazon Web Services) against GC(Google Cloud). So here comes the top 5 features that gives how AWS(Amazon Web Services) edge over GC(Google Cloud Computing)

These are the interesting features which will make the users prefer AWS(Amazon Web Services) as their work becomes easier and can find most of the solutions at one place.

1. Cloud Service

Amazon web services offers lot of features from hosted database (RDS) to CDN which makes the AWS a suitable option for customers running business on efficient.

Google Cloud has basic services from Host to NoSQL DB to Load Balancers to BigQuery and few others still in beta.

No wonder AWS offers very intensive monitoring metrics, Google Cloud still working on the advanced monitoring after acquiring stackdriver

Let see how google Implements Stack Driver.

2. Regions and Zones

Amazon Web Services have 8 regions and 30 zones across these regions.

At Present Google Cloud offers only 3 regions and 5 zones

3. Instance Types

Amazon Web Services is having variety of number of Instance types with combination of vCPU, RAM, Network, I/O etc. 
It supports around 30 instance types RAM ranging from : 0.6GB to 244GB and CPU ranging from : 1 vCPU to 32 vCPUs.
Amazon Web Services
In Google Cloud  it supports only 12 different instance types from : 

Ram :- 0.6GB to 52GB.
CPU ranging from : 1 vCPU to 8 vCPUs.

4. User Management and Permissions

Amazon Web Services allows creating users using LDAP directory user can be created without an email ID. 
By Using IAM (Identity and Access Management) a user can be restricted to certain resources and actions under Amazon Web Services.

Authentication and Authorization in Amazon Web Services 

1) Multi Factor Authentication using devices 
2) IAM and IDP using SAML
    List of  Supported Amazon Web Services Identity Providers

Google Cloud users need google account ID to access the resources and permissions cannot be set at resource level, only Owner/Edit/View can be assigned to users. 

5. Spot Instances & Reserved Instances

Amazon web Services offers 

1) Spot Instances
2) Reserved Instances
3) Dedicated Instances

Spot and Reserved Instances are the compute services offered by AWS where you can name the price for spot instances and reserve an instance which will run for long term and give you 50% cost savings

Google Compute Engine is yet to come out with such feature. Lets We hope to see the Feature in GC Soon with different Identity.

These are the major features of AWS which gives it a better position in the Public Cloud space when compared to the other cloud competitors who are now pitching in Public cloud like Google and Microsoft.

Aws trimmed the Supporting Cost 1/4 when compared to Google Cloud.

Supporting Cost (Business Support)

Amazon Web Services - Starts at 100$ per month
Google Cloud  - Starts at 400$ per month.

This Post has been Written after a detail analysis of Cloud Services with my colleague Victor Sundaram 

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