Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Integrate redis in yii

Redis is an open source cache management system now popularized among Open source community members. Compares to memcached it acts like an database and support more variable types like hash, list, set and sorted sets etc.

Most Scripting languages support for Redis.

Php already supports redis by popular predis library. Major php frameworks also support redis by extensions and modules.

In this post I am going to explain how to use redis in yii by using their base cache class with redis HASH variable.

By Normal we can use HASH to store the string value from redis command line.

HSET myhash field1 "Hello"

HGET myhash field1

It returns Hello

In the above example we set the value "Hello" to the Field "field1" in myhash.

Yii configuration Settings

Enable a cache component in config/main.php. By adding cache as new key with your redis connection values. 


The Same above functionality can be achieved in YII by the following statement:-

$set_value = Yii::app()->cache->executeCommand("HSET",array("key" => "myhash","field"=>"field1","value"=>Hello));

 $get_value = Yii::app()->cache->executeCommand("HGET",array("key" => "myhash","field"=>"field1"));

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